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FDW Work Permit Contract Renewal

How to do FDW Work Permit Contract Renewal
How to do FDW Work Permit Contract Renewal 1024 576 maidworkpermit

How to do FDW Work Permit Contract Renewal

Singapore has seen massive growth in the Foreign Domestic Worker population. In the last decade or so, the number has increased from 200,000 to nearly  250,000. With rising affluence and more working couples, the dependence on maids has become the new norm in the present situation.

Singapore has an ageing population which means working couples have to balance office work with household chores, including managing kids and parents. Recruiting an FDW (Foreign domestic worker) is a costly matter to take into consideration. It involves multiple processes like recruiting agencies commission, work permits, other hiring costs, and FDW relocation and setting up costs. However, a well-earning working couple dual-income takes care of the recruiting expenses.

When it comes to hiring directly or from agencies, adequate background checks are done. The terms of contracts are entered upon by the three parties, i.e., the Employer, maid, and the agency. The Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has specific rules and regulations that an employer needs to ensure for the fdw work permit contract renewal.

Work Permit

An FDW (Foreign Domestic Worker) needs a valid work permit to get employment in Singapore. Any resident of Singapore looking to recruit an FDW can apply for a work permit from the authorities directly or through any accredited employment agency.

There is also an option where instead of recruiting directly from overseas, an employer can transfer an FDW from their current Employer, making the process simpler and faster. There is also an advantage of getting an employee who is already familiar with the country’s surroundings and work culture.  The new employee will save on the recruitment and training time and cost.

A work permit transfer will involve both the current and prospective employer to carry out certain steps.

For a current Employer

  • Arrange for a six-monthly medical examination for the FDW
  • Sign a declaration form and the IPA (in principle approval) letter and hand it to the employment agency agreeing to the transfer of FDW.
  • Pay the levy till the date the new work permit is issued to the new Employer.
  • The new work permit will cancel the existing work permit. The work permit needs to be cut into two and discarded.
  • The security bond is discharged once the FDW starts working for the new Employer.

For a new employer

  • Ensure that the six-month medical is done before the work permit expires
  • Get a written consent letter from the current Employer for transfer
  • Get a copy of the signed declaration form from both the current Employer and FDW
  • Upload the declaration form on the website for getting a temporary work permit
  • Get the temporary work permit so that the FDW can start working with them. The previous work permit will get cancelled automatically

To conclude, you must also keep in mind that the entire process must be completed within a period of 30 days before the work permit expires; otherwise, the transfer may not happen, and the FDW will be deported to their country of origin.

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