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3 Stereotypes About Domestic Helper Work Permit Renewal That Aren’t Always True 150 150 maidworkpermit

3 Stereotypes About Domestic Helper Work Permit Renewal That Aren’t Always True

Is your maid’s work permit about to expire? Are you looking for a domestic helper work permit renewal service? If yes, this blog deals with those stereotypes that may concern you. Also, one of the reasons you are renewing your maid’s work permit because you are happy with her contribution to your household, we suppose.

The good news, if you are a busy family person, you don’t have time to self-renew the permit. What’s better to seek here. Apparently, the domestic helper work permit renewal agency will handle all your concerns.

Now, you may go for the renewing process by yourself as per below three stereotypes. None blames anyone here because people, nowadays, believe what social media and the internet spreads. There are not many fact-checkers to provide the satisfaction of having accurate information.

We receive hundreds of emails regarding these queries, and this blog is the answer to every one of them. Let’s begin:

Renewal Costs Higher Than New Application

Do it yourself or ask an agency to provide you the renewal service. It costs lesser than the new application. Technically, for a new application, you will need to submit all the documents that assure your requirement for a maid, and it consumes time and money.

On the other hand, renewal is much more hassle-free, all documents are already there. So, submit the fees and a few signed documents, and you are good to go.

Agencies Charge More Than Needed for Renewal Service

Another rumor that spread across is maid work permit renewal service providers charge extra for going the trouble on the behalf of an employer. It is not true. With us, you pay what’s required, such as admin login fees. Also, if you have taken our work permit service, there are other considerations on charging for renewal.

Domestic Helpers Don’t Want Renewal as Your Helper

As an asset to your household, why would a domestic helper try to convince you not to renew their work permit? Think about it because as you need a helper, she needs an employer. This rumor created havoc online that household owners don’t treat their maids well. Further, forget about the stereotypes and focus on the domestic helper work permit renewal service you require. Contact us with your questions. We are Maid Insurance & Work Permit.