Maid Medical Insurance Singapore

Maid Medical Insurance

Maid Insurance & Work Permit assist employers for obtaining and issuing of maid medical insurance in Singapore.

As per the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore (MOM), you are liable to buy medical and personal accident insurance for your maid. For medical insurance, the required coverage should be at least $15,000 per year.

Apart from this requirement, you can choose what areas you need to cover. However, as an employer, you are under legal obligation to give most benefits of the maid medical insurance in Singapore to your domestic help.

What are the Benefits of Medical Insurance for Maid?

Daily Wages and Levy Reimbursement

As per policy, daily compensation for up to $30 per day for a maximum of 30 days, in case, your helper is hospitalized. Moreover, reimbursement for repatriation expenses if your maid follow permanent disablement or death during the course of employment.

Insurance Guarantee Bond

We will ensure that you comply with all regulations. Then a Letter of Guarantee for a $5000 security bond is issued from MOM (Ministry of Manpower) on your behalf.

Enhancement of Medical Expenses Benefits

  • Policy Covers the maid when she is on home leave and she has a valid Work Permit
  • Enhancement of medical expenses Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment (TCM) coverage.
  • Hospital & Surgival expenses is extended include Day Surgery and cover communicable diseases or illness (e.g SARS, Tuberculosis, H1N1, Dengue Fever, MERS) solely for purpose quatantine or isolation

Personal Accident Cover

Lump-sum payout in case of accidental death of your domestic help during the course of employment is applicable.

Replacement Maid Expenses

Re-Hiring fees for a replacement maid conforming to termination of your old domestic help’s service due death, injury, or irreversible illness.

What Documents are Needed for Maid Medical Insurance in Singapore?

According to the insurance policy, issuance of medical insurance for the maid documents required are—a copy of in-principal Approval Letter or Renewal Notice as obtained by MOM and a copy of Foreign Domestic Worker’s passport. Further, policy is under protection of Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme, administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC).

Other benefits in medical insurance for maid include Fidelity Guarantee, Liability to Third Parties, Recuperation Expenses and Temporary Help Benefit. At Maid Insurance & Work Permit, we also offer renewal services if there is any discrepancy in submitted documents.

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