Maid Medical Insurance Singapore

As an employer, you are required to purchase Medical Insurance (MI) for your helper. The insurance should cover inpatient care and day surgery, including personal accident coverage.

Effective from 1 July 2023, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore has raised the minimum Medical Insurance (MI) coverage for all new and existing Work Permit holders, including Foreign Domestic Workers, to a minimum of $60,000 per year. This enhanced coverage aims to provide improved protection for employers against large medical bills incurred by their workers. The Enhanced MI features a higher annual claim limit of at least $60,000, with insurers covering 75% and employers covering 25% for claim amounts exceeding $15,000.

Maid Insurance & Work Permit’ provides Maid Medical Insurance (MI) that complies with MOM regulations. We understand that as an employer, you are legally obligated to provide the majority of maid medical insurance benefits in Singapore to your domestic helper. Therefore, we are here to offer you the best Maid Medical Insurance package in Singapore.


Benefits of Our Medical Insurance for Maid

Security Bond Guarantee

We will ensure that you comply with all regulations, and a Letter of Guarantee for a $5000 security bond will be issued to MOM on your behalf.

Personal Accident Coverage

The insurance covers your helper for accidental death or permanent disability. Additionally, we will reimburse her medical expenses for accidents or injuries.

Hospital & Surgical Expenses (Worldwide Coverage)

Your helper is covered for hospitalization charges and surgery (including day surgery) worldwide, even while on home leave (with a valid work permit).

Recuperation and Temporary Help Benefit

If your helper is hospitalized, recuperation expenses will be paid to you, and we will provide you with a daily payout for hiring temporary help.

Repatriation Expenses & Special Grant

A special grant and transportation costs for repatriating your helper’s body to her home country will be covered in the event of her death.

Wages & Levy Reimbursement

In the case your helper is hospitalized, the plan will cover the pro-rata salary and domestic helper levy expenses.

Replacement Maid Expenses

Re-hiring fees cover the replacement of a maid if your current domestic helper’s service is terminated due to death, injury, or irreversible illness.

Outpatient Kidney Dialysis / Cancer Treatment

Pre-existing conditions are covered provided that the helper has been employed in Singapore for 12 months or longer.

Liability to Third Parties

Compensation is provided in case your helper accidentally injures someone or damages another person’s property.

Fidelity Guarantee

Protect against financial losses in the event of theft or fraud by your helper.

Key Benefit Highlights
  • Cover for treatment by licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners registered with the Ministry of Health (MOH).
  • Coverage for hospitalization expenses due to communicable diseases or illnesses requiring quarantine or isolation, such as Covid-19, SARS, Tuberculosis, H1N1, Dengue Fever, and MERS.
  • Direct settlement with hospitals upon the admissibility of claim (less 25% co-payment if any).
  • Covers first occurrence of mental conditions including self-inflicted injuries arising from attempted suicide.