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‘Maid Insurance & Work Permit’ has become the most reliable, certified and preferable agency to buy maid insurance online in Singapore for years that offers a wide array of profitable, secured and affordable insurance plan in Singapore. We cater various sorts of maid insurance promotion in Singapore that covers a comprehensive package of benefits including Accidental Death or Permanent Disablement, Hospital & Surgical Expenses, Replacement Maid Expenses, Wages & Levy Reimbursement, Repatriation Expenses, Insurance Guarantee Bond and so many other benefits too.

Maid insurance, in the modern era, has been introduced to secure a two-party protection and in the future this might also be an essential necessity. When a Maid is insured, it’s already given that the compensation, in case of any sort of unwanted circumstances, are fairly covered. This coverage solely lies upon the type of plan the employer may prefer to subscribe to. Nevertheless, the complete benefits go in favor of the maid.

Maid insurance in Singapore ranges beyond financial protection. To the maid, this is the ability to work confidently and with complacency. Apart from providing a great peace of mind to both the maid as well as to the owner, going for a best maid medical insurance plan in Singapore also establishes a deep sense of credibility and responsibility of the employer which may strengthen the bond between both parties. Besides mutual benefits and protection in different insurance packages and costs, both the employer and maid can have a static peace of mind working energetically in collaboration with one another.

The most significant term comes across in the entire concept is finding out the most certified and competitive agency for availing a best maid insurance in Singapore as people across the world migrates here and reside for different purposes which strictly requires a responsible, dynamic and experienced maid of their own culture, religion and language.

Maid Insurance & Work Permit’ is the most perfect brand that relives you from all the burdens in relevance with opting a perfect and suitable maid insurance in Singapore as we are in this field with extreme authenticity for years and for the best convenience of our clients, provide online maid insurance in Singapore services as well. All our professionals and other staffs along with our experts are well trained and experienced in dealing their respective jobs fairly for the most satisfactory results for our clients.

In the field of online maid insurance in Singapore services our expertise is just peerless for our competitors. For any query please visit our website and call us immediately for opting the most secured and true solution maid medical insurance for the utmost benefits of your maid and for the extreme peace of your mind too. While on the other hand our enlarged, genuine and lawful services can equally be opted for maid insurance promotion in Singapore services too and we do promise our clients for the most profitable results.


Comprehensive Protection

Section Coverage Plan A Plan B Plan C Plan D
1. Letter of Guarantee S$5000
Personal Accident
(A) Death S$60,000 (wef 1 Oct 2017)
(B) Permanent Disablement As per scale in Policy
(C) Medical Expenses S$1,000 S$1,500 S$2,500 S$2,500
2. Hospital & Surgical Expenses (Worldwide) S$30,000 (Annual Limit:S$15,000) S$30,000(Annual Limit:S$15,000) S$40,000(Annual Limit:S$20,000) S$60,000(Annual Limit:S$30,000)
3. (A) Recuperation Expenses (Max 60 Days) NIL S$10 per day S$20 per day S$30 per day
(B)Temporary Help Benefit (Max 30 Days) NIL S$10 per day S$15 per day S$20 per day
4. Repatriation Expenses Up to S$10,000
5. Wages & Levy Reimbursement (Max 30 Days) NIL S$30 per day S$35 per day S$35 per day
6. Termination / Re-hiring Expenses NIL S$250 S$350 S$500
7. Outpatient Kidney Dialysis /Cancer Treatment NIL NIL S$2,500 Policy Limit) S$5,000(Policy Limit)
8. Special Grant NIL S$1,000 S$2,000 S$3,000
9. Maid & Household Liability NIL S$50,000 AOA (Any One Accident) / Unlimited AOP ( Any One Period)
10. Fidelity Guarantee NIL NIL S$5,000 S$5,000

Refund Policy

Cancellation Period Within 60 days Within 61 to 120 days Within 121 to 180 days Within 181 to 270 days After 270 days
14-month Policy 70% of Premium 50% of Premium No Refund No Refund No Refund
26-month Policy 70% of Premium 50% of Premium 30% of Premium 20% of Premium No Refund

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