Insurance FDW Singapore

Maid Insurance & Work Permit offers insurance of FDW in Singapore. FDW (Foreign Domestic Worker) is the employed home help, and when you hire one, you are liable for some legal responsibilities. Such responsibilities include– Medical and Personal Accident Insurance for FDW Singapore.

To limit broking financial consequences, and under the set prerequisites of Ministry of Manpower, many insurance companies offer insurance of FDW in Singapore. This insurance policy helps a employer to keep away from medical, accident coverage, security bond, and other liabilities that they may face.

What Benefits Does Insurance Offer the Insurer and Insured?

Carefully Chosen Plans

Each policy service on our site is either the best or average. We will consult you in choosing a better plan rather you hire FDW first time or second time. Some of the insurance benefits include—Attractive Premium and Promotion, Same Day Clearance, and medical insurance for FDW in Singapore.

Fast Turnaround

When you choose a plan, we process your application as promptly as possible. Our quick turnaround time proposes advantages in case of urgencies and replacements. Once you’ve submitted your application, you do not need to worry about time and cost.

Easy Comparison Help

Presently, there are around 20 insurance policies for FDWs, and selecting one of them is a tiresome task. With us, you will get the comparison help as well as the letter of guarantee on each plan at affordable price with the selected insurance for FDW in Singapore.

Alternative Domestic Help

In some situations, it happens that you may need to replace the newly hired maid. However, you paid for the insurance and other things such as security. In such cases, we assist in getting substitute domestic help and refund pro-rated of policy premiums.

Do You Need to Buy FDW Insurance Online?

Maid Insurance & Work Permit understand the expectations of clients and maid alike and has been providing extensive services such as Medical Insurance for FDW in Singapore and FDW Work Permit Renewal. You can contact us even you are seeking to buy FDW insurance online.

Our FDW Work Permit Renewal service is a process of taking legal permission for the domestic help to extend the stay in the country as a worker. We assist and overlook the needed paperwork, personal verifications, and in some cases, coverage for repatriation, termination, and replacement.

Thus, if you are about to buy FDW insurance online with us, you could ask for optional covers such as waiver of Counter Indemnity for Insurance Guarantee Bond to Mom, and Top-up Hospital & Surgical Expenses.

Disclaimer: Information provided above for informational use only. It may vary on the selection of insurance policies and services we offer at Maid Insurance and Work Permit.

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