Holiday Drop Off

We have heard many of our client’s feedback to us regarding employing a foreign domestic maid in Singapore, but faced with the problem of “What if I need to travel with my family and to leave my foreign domestic worker alone at home?”. In this case, where will my maid be staying?

Rest assured that our agency can help you in this instance. If you’re an employer going overseas for leisure or business but you do not wish to leave the helper alone in your house, you can actually call us to arrange for your maid to stay with us.

In fact, when your domestic helper (maid) is staying with us, we will provide appropriate training to them.

When you’re back, you’ll have a maid that is well trained – and you’ll also have ease of mind when you know that your maid (foreign domestic worker) is safely housed with us.

Go ahead and call us today at +65 818 33333 to find out more, or send us a query at

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