Furnishing a sound reputation and fair services pertaining to maid work permit renewal services and through providing a variety of foreign maid insurance Singapore ‘Maid Insurance & Work Permit’ has become the most trusted, certified and genuine brand in Singapore since its authorized inception. We provide our clients smoothly a range of multiple plans for the utmost benefits of their foreign maids, inserting different, installments, duration, adjacent benefits, etc.

Our policies run exactly in accordance with the rule set by the Singapore law that clearly says- “Maid or domestic helper insurance is a mandatory if a foreign maid is employed. As an employer, the owner will be held responsible for any liability or expenses incurred for medical treatment of his/her maid and repatriation in case of death or permanent disability”.

This strictly caused the need of a true service provider pertain to of foreign maid insurance Singapore. For the most legal, profitable and reliable suggestions and entire processes and dealings ‘‘Maid Insurance & Work Permit’ proffers you the best comforts and plans keeping in view at your ease. For more details please visit our website and contact us at the soonest for the best and most trusted maid work permit renewal or foreign maid insurance Singapore services for the most competitive, affordable and genuine cost.

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