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‘Maid Insurance & Work Permit’ has become the most reliable, certified and preferable agency for domestic helper in Singapore that offers a wide array of profitable, secured and affordable domestic helper medical insurance plan in Singapore.

Domestic Helper Medical Insurance

If you have a domestic helper under your employment in Singapore, it’s important that you get him or her insured. There are many types of insurances for maids and people in such professions, but one insurance that offers best protection against unplanned and steep expenses is domestic helper medical insurance. While other insurances are optional, medical insurance is not. The importance of medical insurance for a house help is not up for debate. It is as important as workers’ compensation. Counted among basic benefits, it’s an insurance that keeps both the employer and the employee covered.

Why Should You Get Your Domestic Help Medically Insured?

That’s a good question considering it means extra expense for an employer. As an employer, you are already liable to pay people under your employment the agreed remuneration. Most people see the medical insurance an added and unwanted expenditure. But the fact is, it is an expense you want to commit to in order to dodge bigger possible expenses.

First off, your domestic helper may have medical emergencies, and as an employer it is your responsibility to have that covered. Medical insurances may not come for free, but medical expenses are not peanuts either, and when you compare the insurance premium with the actual hospital and outpatient bills, you will see that insurance is a far smarter option where finances are concerned. That makes medical insurance a judicious choice for an employer.

Domestic Helper Medical Insurance in Covid Times

We are going through a strange time right now. The Covid crisis is getting thicker and thicker worldwide. While come countries are past the peak, others are going into it. In such a time, no individual should be without the protection of a medical insurance. As an employer, it is your responsibility to give your domestic help some kind of protection in a time like this.

Even if you are not obliged to pay her medical bills, the insurance will keep her covered against steep medical bills. A domestic helper medical insurance covers for hospitalization bills as well as outpatient treatments that take place in hospitals and clinics. The best thing about this insurance policy is that you can also claim for Covid treatment expenses, should the situation for that arise.

Buying Medical Insurance for Domestic Helper Online

These days, buying insurance has becoming incredibly simple. There is no longer the rigmarole of exchanging documents for weeks. Everything is much more integrated now. All you need is to select the policy you want and click buy. There will obviously be exchange of documents, but these days, that exchange happens digitally, so much faster and easier. However, you will be required to do your own research to make sure that the insurance you are buying or renew is giving the insured the right kind of coverage.

So with ‘Maid Insurance & Work Permits medical insurance online renewal plan, you can make your domestic help’s life simpler and easier. So do not hesitate and buy them the insurance you can afford to keep them covered in such a dire time. For any query please visit our website and call us immediately for opting the most secured and true solution for the utmost benefits of your domestic helper.

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