Maid Work Permit Medical Insurance Experts

maid work permit medical insurance
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Maid Work Permit Medical Insurance Experts

It is mandatory to have maid insurance in Singapore. There is a legal clause and needs to be abided by the respective parties involved. If an employer is hiring a foreign domestic worker, insurance has to be complied with. This is a compulsory rule under the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Singapore. An ordinary citizen may not be aware of it except that when hiring a maid from an employment agency, all formalities, including insurance, are taken care of. 

An employer needs to know more about how to get the insurance done and what benefits it provides. With so many insurance companies offering various products, it can be a bit confusing to pick the right maid insurance plan.

The best option for new or renewal of insurance is to contact the service providers who offer services like ensuring work permits and insurance renewals.

Some agencies work with specialized services like work permit renewals, extensions, and cancellations in Singapore.  They also deal in providing insurance plans, including renewals for domestic helpers. These agencies are not foreign domestic workers (FDW) employment agencies but only offer value-added services such as work permits medical insurance for maid.

Employers usually take the services of accredited employment agencies for recruiting FDW.  After the hiring and during employment, it is also necessary to keep track of the insurance and work permit status of the FDW. An employer must ensure to renew the work permit before it expires. They also need to ensure that before renewing, one needs to have proper insurance of the FDW in place, such as medical and personal accident insurance.

Maid insurance is now an essential requirement that protects both the Employer and FDW.   An employer compensation package to their maid ensures insurance coverage. The coverage must be adequate so that both parties are protected in case of any kind of unwanted emergency. The medical insurance coverage depends on the type of plan the employer may prefer to subscribe to. However, in any case, the full benefits go to the maid whatever be the plan.

Why is insurance important for the Maid?

Insurance to an FDW is not only about financial protection alone. This coverage has been designed to provide peace of mind to the maid and allows them to work confidently in a foreign land. Not only they feel secure, and even their families back home can be assured of their well-being. For the employer, recruiting an FDW   through an employment agency is expensive and requires them to abide by the laws laid down by the MOM. They would not like to get into further trouble in an emergency where their FDW gets caught in a health or accidental emergency.

Having adequate insurance coverage for the maid reflects the responsibility and commitment of the employer towards their FDW. This step builds a bond of trust between the two parties involved. Last but not the least, many service providers offer reliable and accredited one-stop service catering to FDW, including Insurance and Work Permit renewals.