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How to do FDW Work Permit Contract Renewal
How to do FDW Work Permit Contract Renewal 1024 576 maidworkpermit

How to do FDW Work Permit Contract Renewal

Singapore has seen massive growth in the Foreign Domestic Worker population. In the last decade or so, the number has increased from 200,000 to nearly  250,000. With rising affluence and more working couples, the dependence on maids has become the new norm in the present situation.

Singapore has an ageing population which means working couples have to balance office work with household chores, including managing kids and parents. Recruiting an FDW (Foreign domestic worker) is a costly matter to take into consideration. It involves multiple processes like recruiting agencies commission, work permits, other hiring costs, and FDW relocation and setting up costs. However, a well-earning working couple dual-income takes care of the recruiting expenses.

When it comes to hiring directly or from agencies, adequate background checks are done. The terms of contracts are entered upon by the three parties, i.e., the Employer, maid, and the agency. The Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has specific rules and regulations that an employer needs to ensure for the fdw work permit contract renewal.

Work Permit

An FDW (Foreign Domestic Worker) needs a valid work permit to get employment in Singapore. Any resident of Singapore looking to recruit an FDW can apply for a work permit from the authorities directly or through any accredited employment agency.

There is also an option where instead of recruiting directly from overseas, an employer can transfer an FDW from their current Employer, making the process simpler and faster. There is also an advantage of getting an employee who is already familiar with the country’s surroundings and work culture.  The new employee will save on the recruitment and training time and cost.

A work permit transfer will involve both the current and prospective employer to carry out certain steps.

For a current Employer

  • Arrange for a six-monthly medical examination for the FDW
  • Sign a declaration form and the IPA (in principle approval) letter and hand it to the employment agency agreeing to the transfer of FDW.
  • Pay the levy till the date the new work permit is issued to the new Employer.
  • The new work permit will cancel the existing work permit. The work permit needs to be cut into two and discarded.
  • The security bond is discharged once the FDW starts working for the new Employer.

For a new employer

  • Ensure that the six-month medical is done before the work permit expires
  • Get a written consent letter from the current Employer for transfer
  • Get a copy of the signed declaration form from both the current Employer and FDW
  • Upload the declaration form on the website for getting a temporary work permit
  • Get the temporary work permit so that the FDW can start working with them. The previous work permit will get cancelled automatically

To conclude, you must also keep in mind that the entire process must be completed within a period of 30 days before the work permit expires; otherwise, the transfer may not happen, and the FDW will be deported to their country of origin.

maid work permit medical insurance
Maid Work Permit Medical Insurance Experts 1024 576 maidworkpermit

Maid Work Permit Medical Insurance Experts

It is mandatory to have maid insurance in Singapore. There is a legal clause and needs to be abided by the respective parties involved. If an employer is hiring a foreign domestic worker, insurance has to be complied with. This is a compulsory rule under the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Singapore. An ordinary citizen may not be aware of it except that when hiring a maid from an employment agency, all formalities, including insurance, are taken care of. 

An employer needs to know more about how to get the insurance done and what benefits it provides. With so many insurance companies offering various products, it can be a bit confusing to pick the right maid insurance plan.

The best option for new or renewal of insurance is to contact the service providers who offer services like ensuring work permits and insurance renewals.

Some agencies work with specialized services like work permit renewals, extensions, and cancellations in Singapore.  They also deal in providing insurance plans, including renewals for domestic helpers. These agencies are not foreign domestic workers (FDW) employment agencies but only offer value-added services such as work permits medical insurance for maid.

Employers usually take the services of accredited employment agencies for recruiting FDW.  After the hiring and during employment, it is also necessary to keep track of the insurance and work permit status of the FDW. An employer must ensure to renew the work permit before it expires. They also need to ensure that before renewing, one needs to have proper insurance of the FDW in place, such as medical and personal accident insurance.

Maid insurance is now an essential requirement that protects both the Employer and FDW.   An employer compensation package to their maid ensures insurance coverage. The coverage must be adequate so that both parties are protected in case of any kind of unwanted emergency. The medical insurance coverage depends on the type of plan the employer may prefer to subscribe to. However, in any case, the full benefits go to the maid whatever be the plan.

Why is insurance important for the Maid?

Insurance to an FDW is not only about financial protection alone. This coverage has been designed to provide peace of mind to the maid and allows them to work confidently in a foreign land. Not only they feel secure, and even their families back home can be assured of their well-being. For the employer, recruiting an FDW   through an employment agency is expensive and requires them to abide by the laws laid down by the MOM. They would not like to get into further trouble in an emergency where their FDW gets caught in a health or accidental emergency.

Having adequate insurance coverage for the maid reflects the responsibility and commitment of the employer towards their FDW. This step builds a bond of trust between the two parties involved. Last but not the least, many service providers offer reliable and accredited one-stop service catering to FDW, including Insurance and Work Permit renewals.

3 Stereotypes About Domestic Helper Work Permit Renewal That Aren’t Always True 150 150 maidworkpermit

3 Stereotypes About Domestic Helper Work Permit Renewal That Aren’t Always True

Is your maid’s work permit about to expire? Are you looking for a domestic helper work permit renewal service? If yes, this blog deals with those stereotypes that may concern you. Also, one of the reasons you are renewing your maid’s work permit because you are happy with her contribution to your household, we suppose.

The good news, if you are a busy family person, you don’t have time to self-renew the permit. What’s better to seek here. Apparently, the domestic helper work permit renewal agency will handle all your concerns.

Now, you may go for the renewing process by yourself as per below three stereotypes. None blames anyone here because people, nowadays, believe what social media and the internet spreads. There are not many fact-checkers to provide the satisfaction of having accurate information.

We receive hundreds of emails regarding these queries, and this blog is the answer to every one of them. Let’s begin:

Renewal Costs Higher Than New Application

Do it yourself or ask an agency to provide you the renewal service. It costs lesser than the new application. Technically, for a new application, you will need to submit all the documents that assure your requirement for a maid, and it consumes time and money.

On the other hand, renewal is much more hassle-free, all documents are already there. So, submit the fees and a few signed documents, and you are good to go.

Agencies Charge More Than Needed for Renewal Service

Another rumor that spread across is maid work permit renewal service providers charge extra for going the trouble on the behalf of an employer. It is not true. With us, you pay what’s required, such as admin login fees. Also, if you have taken our work permit service, there are other considerations on charging for renewal.

Domestic Helpers Don’t Want Renewal as Your Helper

As an asset to your household, why would a domestic helper try to convince you not to renew their work permit? Think about it because as you need a helper, she needs an employer. This rumor created havoc online that household owners don’t treat their maids well. Further, forget about the stereotypes and focus on the domestic helper work permit renewal service you require. Contact us with your questions. We are Maid Insurance & Work Permit.

Is Maid Insurance Beneficial or Not? Why Would You Contact The Biggest Insurance Provider? 150 150 maidworkpermit

Is Maid Insurance Beneficial or Not? Why Would You Contact The Biggest Insurance Provider?

When you hire a foreign domestic worker, it is mandatory to have maid insurance as per the MOM-Ministry of Manpower. Let’s suppose, you are not aware of it except that you have one from the maid agency. What’s more there to know? Why would you contact the biggest insurance provider? How can you save more money on buying the affordable option?

Indeed, there are more questions than answers on the internet. Likely, you are here because you search for the maid insurance renewal. For starters, the personal accident assures a minimum sum of $60,000, minimum coverage for medical insurance is $15,000, and security bond is $5000.

The above information is basic, yes. However, other benefits include comprehensive coverage including worldwide cover and covid-19 cover. If you choose us, Maid Insurance & Work Permit, we offer a one-stop service for you.

We help you with maid work permit renewal and extension, same-day transmission to MOM, and offer attractive premium and promotion, quick turnaround time, and work as per MOM’s requirement for maid security bond, personal accident, and other eligible measures.  

Now, why you would contact us apart from the benefits we mentioned above:


Accidents happen and none can predict or prevent them. Are you financially secure to provide your helper the needed accidental cover? No one is. So, by having this insurance, you cover such situations that save money and time.  

Surgery and Other Requirements

Hospitals charge so much that they exceed your spending limit. You might think you could not do anything about it, but with insurance, you provide your domestic helper a sense of security and yourself, the sense of extra expenses. With easy claims, it is the mandatory advantage.  

During Termination and Rehiring

In case, termination period is close, the insurance helps the helper with a reimbursement to the employer to help them rehire someone else. As an employer, you get free of various hassles, such as paying more to the agency.

Affordable Premiums We at Maid Insurance & Work Permit provide maid insurance that covers pre-existing conditions, policy cover even helper on home leave, and hassle-free renewal work permit. Contact today to know more about the affordable premiums we offer.

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