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Month: May 2017

Buy Maid Insurance in Singapore, $0 Agency Fee

Buy Maid Insurance in Singapore, $0 Agency Fee

Hiring a maid in Singapore to help you at domestic works and relieve your daily worries? Let us help shoulder them with our comprehensive maid insurance and safeguard your liabilities. According to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) rules, it is mandatory to buy Maid Insurance in Singapore before maid starts working at your place.

At Maid Work Permit, we keep your maid protected in accidents and cover her hospitalization with our range of packages which meets all the criteria set by the MOM.

Once you buy Insurance for your Maid, she is covered with following major benefits:

  • Personal Accident protection
  • Cost of treatment for inpatient treatment and day surgery due to illness or accident according to the cover
  • Pre-hospitalisation and pre-day surgery charges such as diagnostic procedures and laboratory examinations
  • Cost of outpatient treatment after inpatient treatment and day surgery
  • Repatriation Expenses

Please note: All the benefits are subject to particular Maid Insurance Type. Benefits may vary based on your choice of insurance, however, all insurance types meet criteria of MOM.


We provide the most comprehensive and affordable maid insurance that can suit your needs. On top of that, if you buy maid insurance with us, you can avail $0 Agency Fee and $30 Waiver of MOM work permit renewal fee*. Should you wish to buy Maid Insurance in Singapore and are searching for an agency that can smoothly process your applications, contact us today, one of our friendly staff will assist you buy the suitable maid insurance for you.

Note: * Any offers mentioned in this page are subject to change. You are advised to check the home page for offer updates or contact us for an inquiry.