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Read this before Buying Maid Insurance in Singapore

Read this before Buying Maid Insurance in Singapore

Hiring a domestic worker in Singapore is not an easy task without having an experienced maid agency in Singapore that also takes care of things like maid insurance part etc., Of course, there’s also a handful of paperwork, but all of that can be carefully dealt and personal involvement in such works may be minimised / avoided by going through an agency.

So, before you hire maid in Singapore, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with some industry lingo first. We have tried to mention all the important factors that you may need to learn about to reduce hurdles.

Ministry of Manpower: This is one of the important ministries in the government of Singapore, which is also called as MOM. This ministry is responsible for the formulation and implementation of labour policies related to the workforce in Singapore. MOM is the arm of government that oversees the hiring of all domestic workers.

Buying domestic helper / Maid insurance in Singapore is mandatory with standard guidelines issued by the Ministry of Manpower. At Maid Work Permit, we make it a hassle free task to buy a suitable insurance depending on what you like and what you need, all you have to do is choose from different plans available.

Employer Orientation Program or EOP: According to the guidelines of MOM, first time employers who are hiring an FDW must attend a three hour program at the Ministry before submitting a work-permit application for an FDW. However, this process is only for direct hiring of FDW, and is not required when you hire through a certified Maid Agency in Singapore

Foreign Domestic Worker or FDW / Domestic Helper: The word ‘Maid’ is now often referred to as a foreign domestic worker, a person who will be coming to live with you and work in your house.

Settling In Program: Also called as SIP is an orientation program for FDWs to be attended within three working days of arriving in Singapore. Ministry of Manpower also has set standard guidelines to all the employers to arrange living space to maid with meeting the recommended basic amenities.

At Maid Work Permit, we help you provide your domestic helper with the insurance coverage she deserves. You’ll never have to worry with our extensive range of insurance benefits! Contact us today to avail our wide range of services from Maid Insurance in Singapore to the cancellation of work permit. One of our friendly staff members will help you with easing the process!